Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Business Consulting in Westlake Village from the Ventura County Business Consultants at Garry A Jones & Associates

Every business leader knows that the most precious resource in the world is time. Even if you’re brimming with good ideas, having the time to clearly design an execution plan for them often feels all but impossible. That’s why Garry A Jones & Associates offers business consulting services. If you want to be proactive, not reactive, we can provide the necessary support.

Whether you have a general sense that a process could be improved at your business, have a goal you want help reaching, or are feeling overwhelmed by the work on your plate, we can help. As Ventura County business consultant experts providing effective accounting services, we can serve as your advisor, providing valuable unbiased insights, developing clear execution plans, and offering the on-the-ground support necessary to achieve your goals.

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Business Consultants in Westlake Village

With years of experience serving a wide range of companies, each business advisor at Garry A Jones & Associates is uniquely positioned to help your business thrive. Some of our services include:

Analysis of accounting systems, streamlining your processes and driving efficiencies

Support with buying and selling businesses

Designing exit strategies

Performing business valuations

Developing business plans

Forecasting cash flow

Evaluating computer software and recommending improvements

Preparing the necessary information to obtain financing

Planning strategy

Training staff and management

Forensic investigation

Litigation support

Developing best practices for your unique company

Developing and optimizing internal controls and procedures

Setting product or service pricing

Creating the paperless office


Ventura County Business Advisor Providing Consulting Services at Garry A Jones & Associates
Business Consulting in Ventura County from Westlake Village Business Advisor Garry A Jones & Associates

Our Business Advisors Help You Succeed

At Garry A Jones & Associates, we believe that getting started with your business consultant should be as easy as it is effective. From our first meeting, we’ll get clarity on your objective. Whatever your goal – whether you’re trying to eliminate a pain point or capitalize on an opportunity – we’ll clearly define the steps needed to reach it. We’ll work with you to identify and evaluate all the available solutions and will include our management accounting insights, helping you make an educated decision about the best one for your business. Then, once we’ve considered all the alternatives, we’ll devise an action plan.

That plan is one thing. Implementing it is entirely another, as any business owner knows all too well. That’s why we’ll get involved in helping you execute the action plan, evaluating it as we go to identify opportunities for improvement and work out any unanticipated kinks. We’ll continue to follow up as needed to ensure that your goal isn’t just reached in the short term, but delivers long-term results that better your business permanently. As our client reviews indicate, we consistently do an excellent job.


Whether you’ve been looking for a business consultant for a specific project or just have a general sense that a business advisor could be what you need to grow your business, we can help. With years of business consulting experience, plus added insights from our management accounting expertise, Garry A Jones & Associates is here to serve you. Contact our Westlake Village office today.

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