Forensic Accounting & Expert Witness Services

Forensic Accounting & Expert Witness Services

Forensic Accounting Services

Garry A. Jones and Associates are experts in all areas of accounting. Our forensic accounting services are needed to diagnose fraud, identify assets for recovery, trace funds, etc. We collect, analyze, and evaluate the pertinent data, and subsequently interpret the data and effectively explain our findings in the courtroom.

Expert Witness Services

Should you find yourself in the situation where an expert witness is needed, it is important to choose the best.  You will want an expert witness who is honorable, competent, and holds specialized knowledge in areas specific to your case.

Garry A. Jones and Associates offer expertise in the preparation of all steps in the litigation proceedings.  We work with you to compile the necessary ammunition to support your case, we strongly, clearly, and persuasively present this information in court, and we battle effectively against the opposing side.