Forensic Accounting & Expert Witness Services

Forensic Accounting & Expert Witness Services

Forensic Accounting in Ventura County from Westlake Village Forensic CPA Garry A Jones & Associates

Finding yourself in court is every business leader’s worst nightmare. You know the associated settlement could have far-reaching implications for your business. This is not a time to leave things to chance. So you can have the litigation support your company needs and deserves, Garry A Jones & Associates offers their forensic accounting services in Ventura County to you.

Whether you need support quantifying damages, diagnosing fraud, identifying assets for recovery, tracing funds, or more, our forensic accounting CPAs can ensure you have accurate, thoroughly-analyzed information that will stand up in court.

Each member of our forensic accounting team is an expert at collecting, analyzing, and evaluating the pertinent data. What’s more, our talented staff can accurately interpret that data and effectively explain our findings in the courtroom, lending tangible evidence to your case.

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Forensic Accountants in Westlake Village CA

If you’re dealing with the allegation of employee theft, insurance fraud, identify theft, falsified financial statements, securities fraud, an inaccurate business valuation, breach of warranty or contract, or any other financially based case, you’ll need a Westlake Village forensic accountant on your side.

With a dedicated forensic accountant, you get an expert witness who will be able to accurately assess the situation and present your case clearly in court. Without a forensic accountant, the opposition could set an outlandish number for damages you need to pay or an absurdly low number for damages they owe you. With your own forensic accountant, you ensure that all dues are accurate and fair, protecting your company’s bottom line.

The Litigation Support Your Business Needs

If you find yourself in court dealing with an issue like a dispute over compensation or benefits, you want to be in control of the damages that are assessed. Garry A Jones & Associates offer litigation support to give you – and the court – the clearest picture of the numbers involved, ensuring that you are making the most educated, accurate, well-supported arguments for your case.

Our Westlake Village Forensic CPAs Are Excellent Expert Witnesses

If you need an expert witness to take the stand and speak to the financial details of your case, you want an educated, persuasive individual on your side. Each Ventura County forensic CPA at Garry A Jones & Associates has been trained at presenting forensic accounting information to the benefit of our clients. With the specialized knowledge you need to support your case, a staunch ethical background, and extensive forensic accounting expertise, your expert witness will be your ally in the courtroom. We are seasoned forensic accountants who will persuasively present evidence to your benefit.

Litigation proceedings are a headache. But they don’t have to leave your company with an unexpected expense, either from shortchanged settlements or unanticipated damages owed. Working with a forensic accountant from Garry A Jones & Associates ensures that your case has the information it needs to stand strong in court, protecting your business and your bottom line.

If you’re facing a case and want litigation support, look no further than the forensic accounting experts at Garry A Jones & Associates. Each forensic CPA on our team is seasoned and ready to serve you. Contact our office today.

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