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At Garry A Jones & Associates, our team of accounting experts is dedicated to helping businesses run better. We can do so much more than manage your basic accounting. We take a proactive approach with each of our clients, helping them continually improve their business through the accurate, intelligent application of the right accounting and management information.

Whether you need to file taxes, want to ensure you’re protecting your bottom line, or want to move accounting concerns off your desk entirely, our Westlake Village CPAs here to deliver. We strive to give you the clearest, most accurate, most detailed information in the format that will be easiest to use and most helpful for you. At the same time, we ensure that all the CPA to-dos are deftly handled without ever needing to pull your attention away from what matters most – growing your business.


Taxes - Planning, Preparation & Representation

Taxation is unfortunate but inevitable. Garry A. Jones and Associates make sure you plan upcoming tax situations, keep filings accurate and current, and do not pay more in taxes than you should. We absorb the hassle of preparation and filing, while you run your business. And if you should find yourself facing an IRS audit, there are no stronger allies to have in your corner than Garry A. Jones and Associates.

Forensic Accounting and Expert Witness Service

Our forensic accounting services are needed to diagnose fraud, identify assets for recovery, trace funds, etc.  Garry A. Jones and Associates offer expertise in the preparation of all steps in the litigation proceedings.  We work with you to compile the ammunition needed to support your case, we strongly, clearly, and persuasively present this information in court, and we battle effectively against the opposing side.

Accounting Services & Support

Garry A. Jones and Associatesoffers a wide range of accounting services to our clients.  We identify and analyze your problem areas and provide timely, accurate, and understandable financial and managerial information.  We provide expert advice to guide you through the entire accounting process from inception to completion.


General Business Matters – Business Advisors

We provide comprehensive financial, accounting and business solutions to help you manage your activities, enabling you and/or your business to thrive. Accurate and easy to read information fuels success, and we help you by providing the right information and training to enable you to make informed decisions – better decisions.

Business Betterment – Process & Procedures

Establishing clear, effective processes and procedures is vital for a business to operate successfully. We have spent years developing strong, understandable, applicable processes and procedures. Let our proven processes and procedures improve your efficiency and profitability.  A better run business is a more valuable business.

Business Buy/Sell Consulting

Whether you are interested in selling your business or investing in a new business, we are experts in analyzing and valuing the current state of the business in question. Because there are many pitfalls in buying and selling a business, allow us to guide you safely through the difficulties involved – free yourself to do what you really want to do!


Best Westlake Village CPA Tax & Accounting Services

Garry A. Jones & Associates is your nearby Westlake Village CPA firm specializing in tax preparation and accounting for existing and new business owners. We know that your business is as unique as the staff that comprises it. That’s why we customize our accounting services to each of our clients. We’ll tailor our work with you to your business’s specific wants, needs, and goals.

That’s a large part of why our business betterment approach is so successful. We give you exactly what your business needs to streamline and optimize its accounting and tax filing. This ensures your financial information is always expertly prepared and easy for you to review, even as it frees up your internal resources.

Our goal is to deliver more: more financial clarity, more simplicity in working with your CPA, more free time for you to work on growing your businesses.

Accounting Services from CPA Westlake Village Garry A Jones & Associates
Westlake Village CPA Garry A Jones & Associates Providing Accounting Services
Tax Services Done By Garry A Jones & Associates CPA Westlake Village

Westlake Village CPA Tax & Accounting for Business Owners

When you need comprehensive financial, accounting, and business solutions, look no further than the Westlake Village accountants at Garry A Jones & Associates. We know that the more informed your decisions are, the better they will be. That’s why we commit ourselves to delivering the most accurate, easiest-to-use overviews and detailed reports. As your business consultants, we can ensure that you have all the info you need to support your business’s success. At the same time, we take all the unnecessary work – the form filings, the spreadsheet optimization, and more – off your desk entirely.

If you want to rest easy knowing you’re getting the right information at the right time, all while freeing up yourself and your internal resources, we’re here.

Tax Preparation in Westlake Village

Very few businesses enjoy tax season. But it shouldn’t be an annual dread, either. When you work with Garry A Jones & Associates, you work with a team of expert business CPAs who can make filing your taxes a breeze. Our tax services keep you prepared for taxes throughout the year and manage the entire filing process for you, so all you need to do is breathe a sigh of relief.

For more information about Garry A Jones and our business CPA services, contact our office in Westlake Village, California, today.

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